Board of Directors

The people who formed the Asylum Hill Learning Zone have a track record of dedication to and success with improving the neighborhood in partnership with other organizations. These people offer a combination of managerial, financial, and fundraising expertise essential to making significant changes.

Dean Amadon created an appraisal and real estate consulting company that bears his name and had an impressive list of clients that includes the City of Hartford and many well known corporations. He has been actively involved in the neighborhood NRZ, chairs the Love Hartford Board and is a member of the Board of Outreach Ministries at Asylum Hill Congregational Church.

Myron Congdon is past president of a computer company that designs and markets software for educational institutions. He has chaired the Boards of the Metropolitan YMCA and Asian Family Services, and is a past member of the West Hartford Town Council. Myron also serves as the staff Director of AHCZ.

Ray Ferrari has been an entrepreneur and is one of the more successful commercial real estate people in the Greater Hartford area.  He served in the State Legislature, formed Hill Housing to build affordable housing in Asylum Hill, helped raise funds for many not-for-profits, not the least of which is the Boys and Girls Club on Asylum Hill.  He currently lives in Florida.

Dr. Louise Loomis taught in Hartford schools and surrounding colleges for many years.  She started the New England Cognitive Center, is working with learners of all ages, and recently founded the ThinkWell Center in Hartford where she works as a mentor, teacher and curriculum developer.  She also co- teaches science plus critical and creating thinking at Trinity Episcopal Day School in Hartford.

Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey served four years on the Hartford City Council before being elected nine times to the State Legislature from the Asylum Hill and north end district. She served as Deputy Speaker, directed a community center in Hartford’s north end after a successful career at the Aetna.  Maria now directs a senior citizens group in Hartford.

Dr. William Putt (Board Chair) – Currently is co-chair of the Future Workforce Committee (Youth) of Capital Workforce Partners Inc. that oversees Federal and State grants for job training of youth in Hartford and the 39 surrounding towns.   Bill is a member of the Leadership Committee for the MIT Public Service Center and a director of the 484 Phi Alpha Foundation which supports educational activities for youth and the underserved in the Cambridge and Boston area.  He is also a director of CCT Fortis Holdings Ltd., a diversified public manufacturing and real estate firm in China.

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