Trinity Episcopal Day School
(TEDS) Initiative


Most Hartford students are not performing up to national standards.  Students are not learning at the level of students in the suburbs, let alone the better independent schools.  What are their options?  It takes money to attend the typical private school and luck to get into the choice program or a good magnet/charter school through the lottery. 

Trinity Day was founded to close the gap – to provide a better education for students not previously given the opportunity to attend a better school.  TEDS brings a high level of learning to traditionally underserved students – students typically black or Hispanic who live in Hartford.  Families generally have very modest financial means but a desire to find the best available learning option for their children.  While TEDS does charge tuition because the school wants parents and guardians to value education, tuition is a sliding scale based on income.  The average family pays $50 a month for an education that at a typical private school would cost $15,000 or more annually.

Trinity School StudentsResearch demonstrates that students learn best in small classes with lots of individual attention.  This approach is the TEDS model.  And it works.  Last year students averaged a two-grade level improvement for critical language arts skills in just one school year!  Every student improved more than one grade level.

Trinity Day improves learning by focusing on the specific needs of students.  For example, language arts (English) is divided into five knowledge/skill areas:  decoding, spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing.  Each student is evaluated to pinpoint where he or she needs the most help.  Then the student joins a mini-class individually or with a few other students to strengthen this particular skill.  Experienced teachers and dedicated tutors follow through to help each student learn and succeed. 

AHLZ provides tutors and volunteers to assist Trinity Day in executing its mission.  Learning Zone people are in the classroom assisting in learning, and behind the scenes helping with materials, supplies, administrative activities and providing connections with other Asylum Hill organizations.


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